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[Terrace Martin]
Man heh, cupid played a trick on me
Figure she would be the one but that's history
And ours didn't cause I didn't remember that
Loving is a given, not love, not friendship
Even when you'd give it all, momma said use your senses
Now I'm sittin here wishin that I shoulda paid attention
[Musiq Soulchild]
First time I saw a dream, I
looked her in her eyes
She was so thick, but what I fell for
was her beautiful mind (beautiful mind)
Next thing I knew (I knew)
We were inseparable (inseparable) So...
You could imagine if you were me
That I never thought, we would fall apart
And the strangest thing
Couldn't tell you what happened to us
All I can tell you is
Love - can - change - overtime
Love - can - change - overtime
(So...) If you fall in love
Just keep in mind, it can change overtime
(So...) If you fall in love
Just keep in mind, it can change overtime
[Terrace Martin]
I never knew a la-la-love, a love like this
Tailor-made for my rainy days, you a perfect fit
You're heaven's gift, how I get so lucky?
You heard rumors 'bout my foul ways and you still trust me
You still love me, heh, well nothing ever changed that
As much as we seperate, we always get right back
As if we never left, you ain't gotta second guess
I know it's taking a toll on you but you ain't gotta stress
Empty promises, her heart don't get a moment's rest
She stay in suspense, she's scared of what's next
That process numb the feelings to my nonsense
Now I'm tryna act right, you're not responsive
You don't call, you don't text, no love, not even sex
What I'm 'posed to do? Sit around and wait for you?
He say love don't hurt, but emotions do
(I'm telling you...)

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