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A little ache that's all
Stomach that's frozen in a sigh was she more than a test-drive doll
Orange shirts could make her go blind
He caught her by the throat instead of the mind
Now she's needing an angel to fly her down to the other side

But in the silver lake, silver spoon
The dirty tinsel neighborhood
She could reinvent her world cause
There's silver honey for the test-drive girl

Remember the nights she needed a near by rescue crew
Dreaming herself infrared and not knowing what to do
Circling and circling and spinning around
Finding ways to peel herself off of the ground
Now the empty chatter in her head never shakes the sound

But in the silver lake
Sandy's spoon moved out of the neighborhood well
She could reinvent her world
Cause there's silver honey for the test-drive girl
Purple hand on the stand
A getaway in a sudan well
Things went slighty out of hand
There's silver honey for her test-drive man

Well in the silver lake flooding through
The midnight vulture in your stew
Well, she could reinvent her world
There's silver honey for the test-drive girl
Silver mine silver spine
Wiping out the cocaine line
And honey for the second time

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