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Night Terror - text


I wait in silence
As darkness falls
The mist is rising
The air grows cold
I know you're with me
Waiting in my dreams
The hour approaches
No one hears my scream

Outside the light is fading
Night is closing in
In the shadow something's moving
It begins
Blind fear has paralysed me
I can hardly breath
Nocturnal terrorizer
Never leaves

Trapped in my darkest nightmare
World without end, yeah

Night terror, bound together in my
Night terror, lost forever in my
Night terror, bound together in my
Night terror, lost forever...

Cold sweat like icy fingers
Running down my spine
I can hear the voices calling
"Now you are mine"
Born of the supernatural
Summoned to avenge
Spawn of the paranormal
Seeks revenge

They are the ones who'll take you
All hope is lost now

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