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Another Generation - text


Another generation suffers
Hear their cries of sadness
Now thier fighting in the streets tonight
Some say its recial hatred
More like some great injustice
It's black and white can't you read the signs

Isay we have ignored
Their poverty's bitter scorm
All this just can't be right
This theft on the streets of life

Another generation suffers
I've heard it's evolution
Just look outside as the fires burn bright
War zones of deep frustration
Against the degradation
Discrimination is the real crime

Just like some awful dream
There's nothing left but madness and great
All this just can't be right
Violence in the streets of life

Terror in our eyes
How Will we survive

Another generation suffers
Were heading for confrontation
There's no respect and we'll pay the price
The lack of education
Breeds a racist nation
Were all the same so lets get it right

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