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Some(are)one - text

I don't want to walk,
On the ground upon which you stayed,
And I don't need another mouth,
That's telling me I can't go my own way,
I can't let another hour,
Of precious time go to waste,
As you're spilling the wine of life,
That I've desperately longed to taste,

For once please show me yourself in your,
Own true nature,
And don't keep me hanging I'm already waiting for,
Life's departure,

This is not,
This is not what I hoped for,
I wished, that with you,
It would never, ever be like before,

Oh, heart as you rise,
Up to beat in my chest,
Your name on my tongue,
Hurts more than the rest,
Might've not seen better,
But hell have I seen worse,
It's more than I can take,
Forever you're my curse,
And it's not about the sentence,
It's not about the words,
The memory, the feeling,
Is the reason that it hurts ,
Don't ever get that much of sleep,
I feel sick when I'm awake,
If i can't be next to you,
I'll throw my body in the lake,

Despite all the pain,
All I wished for was to have you around and
Maybe even have a talk
But then i heard how stupid I sounded,
I realized then,
That I'd had to deal with this as long as I'm living,
And that there is not a chance
Of you ever forgetting, nor forgiving,
But even in my darkest,
I never stopped wishing for that one little thing,
Maybe just a word,
Just a little word that could have the power to make my heart sing,
Nights of no sleep
Was when I composed this letter,
And when I dreamt
It barely got any better,
Because even in my dreams you were there and my wishes only got stronger,
And day after day I started doubting even more if I could take it any longer,
"It will be fine"
Is what I often got to hear,
But that didn't matter
When I didn't even get to have you near,
But it kept my wish on, growing,
Even at night,
When bitter tears were flowing,
Like a light,
Like a lonely lamp post at night in the park,
It shone,
And gave me shelter from the dark.

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