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Yeah, Yo Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
We comin' back at you one more time
And for all them mothers out there who slept on me
Do yourself a favor, and wake that ass up
You gotta believe [x4]
Steady ready to wreck shop
Another rough kid from the streets
Don't sleep on the crew, 'cuz if we roll through
You'll get hit up, watch blood spit up
Hit ya wit' a blow to the back of your head you won't get up
Action, I'm takin' heads like a hunter
Step like you wanna get done I want ya
Bes' believe I move quick then step
Those who never had a chance must have slept
You lost track, swing low, caught a blow hard to impact
I rip when I gotta make dents, so I rock wit' ease
Yeah, so you gotta believe
You gotta believe [x4]
Cold hard, I get it started 'cuz I'm liable and I'm able
To keep it stable whippin' ass with my mic cable
You catch fits from my smash hits,
Then I bring 'em, don't even need bees when I sting' em
So check it, I bet you thought that I couldn't wreck it
But I'm phat and when it's time flow I handle that
Marky Mark and the Funk B's slide Gs with ease over lordin' all therM.C.s
What up you sucker, feel strong? Think ya got it goin' on?
Chump's moves are all wrong
It's not a hoax, no jokes, I smokes mic's, like a Phillie Blunt
Don't ever try to front
And it's quite absurd yo, word to herb
When your sleepin' on a Wahlberg
Step to this and I'm a break you down to the knees
So, you gotta believe
You gotta believe [x4]
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch stompin' it to the 90's
Hey Yo Donnie D
Yo what's up, Mark?
Break it down
You gotta believe Better believe it
You gotta believe You better believe
You gotta believe Better believe it
You gotta believe You better believe
The double M got more kick comin' from my rhyme
And comin' from my 9, I rip it up 2 or 3 times
Remember that still droppin' kids like bricks
While your hoe's on tour tryin' to pull tricks
Gotta know this, doubt and your out for the count
Runnin' ruff rhymes keeps me paid in large amounts
Most of y'all got a problem, keep out my biz
Everything'll be straight: "There it is"
But if not get a conflict, please no problem
I can handle that real quick
I got too many tricks up my sleeve
And I'm fully aware and prepared
So, you gotta believe.
You gotta believe [x4]

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You Gotta Believe


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