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what the fuck do you think you're doing,hah?!
You must be crazy, thinkin you can fuck with mine,
you better believe that, yo motherfucker believe that,
you couldnt handle half of me, never mind the whole,
everything that i touch like my dick, turns to gold
i do shit right all night i cause ruckus,
got locked down for tryna murder motherfuckers,
went to jail cos all else failed,
all attempts to prevail was a far fetched fairytale,
now i realise shits clear to me,
there aint another motherfucker that aint fearing me,
see its like basic instinct, pyschopathic thriller,
i dont give two fucks, cos there aint nobody iller, im the...
illest,you never wanna go and fuck with mine
cause i'm the illest
why would you wanna go and fuck with mine
cause i'm the illest
if you get it now you know you can't fuck with the
(so you need to be more carrefull who you're fucking with)
Hey yo im a murderous murder man,
coming from a bad land,
real hardcore, kickin down your front door,
let me get whats coming to me,
cos if i cant use my mind, ima grab the tech or the nine,

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