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Intro to verse 1: Mark Dialogue
1: Ashey Ace
house music in your face
grab yourself a partner find a space
on the dance floor here's your chance for
jumpin' and bumpin', I'm pumpin'
funky lyrics on a funky track
ashey ace never playin' the back
I get hyper i'm that type of
brother to turn you out and make you shout!
I get flip at the lip when I grip
the microphone and get bad to the bone
gets raw on the house T-I-P
jump-jump-jump-jump-jump to
house music
house music all night long
Intro to verse 2: Mark Dialogue
2: Scotty G
Scott G it's me the incredible
girls say i'm edible, i never fed a bull
crap line to any, just plenty
of rhymes that attack the wack and I don't lack
creativiry I somp the comp!
they can't get with the man who's gifted
is who I be!
down with Marky the dope style creator
Donnie D and M-Lou made A
group that drops more bombs than a battleship
the Funky Bunch is on the house tip!
3: DJ T
DJ T I get nice
when i scratch cut slice and dice
any arena, I'm a get meaner
roast the rest like Oscar Meyer Weiners
I Just flex the wrist, I get checks for this
no other DJ can stand next to this
you talk about something you can't touch
DJ T'S just too much!
When I clutch the Mic I boost the juice
and pump the funk to get you loose
wild as the Duce and I rip
the roof off the mother...on the house tip

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