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he's gonna knock you
he's gonna knock you
he's gonna knock you out the tiger
he's gonna knock you out (no doub)t x3
whoah oh x8
up in the ring there's no peace it's all about survival
and who is the best in this physical contest
which man can with stand the pound
get n hit with his fist for 12 long rounds UH
to the body blows to the face
leather in your mouth it leaves the after taste of
his furiated determination with no hesitation
bash ya face in
with one hand make ya scrab on ya back
you can't with stand this type of attack
you see he started at the in age of twelve
had to put the gloves to protect himself
that's why he's tired navious
he don't play
him in the shit he'll beat you down with no delay
until you knocked out
stirpped to your ?
there's no survior who'll beat the tiger
whoah oh no mercy

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