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I make music, for the people to dance to
So pay attention as I start to enhance you!
witness the quickness, as I kick this
I'm on a mission so listen as I dismiss
All this talk that's going around
of how I stole the sound from the man in brown
but you're mistaken, 'cuz I ain't takin' of fakin'
feel the power of the music i'm makin'!
I make the music for the people!
Listen up punk 'cuz I'm playin' for keeps
I make the music for the clubs and boomin' jeeps
step up to the standwith the mic in my hand
an then ooooooh blam!
straight up hip hop no compromising
ask me how I'm stylin'?, I'm buck whylin'!
kickin' the juice to get loose and seducin' and
"generally" speaking my brothers producing this jammy
don't even hand me a damn grammmy
my name ain't ice and I'm not from Miami
you talk about slayin' and sprayin', so what you sayin'?
I'm parlayin'!
is smoove and there is no equal
I make music for the people!
I make music for the people!
Yeah so now that I'm makin' this funky music
I wanna see everybodyout there dance, come on now!
Work dat sucka to death, come on now
work dat sucka to death "work your body"
Music for the people that's what I', Makin'
and don't worry about the samples I'm takin'!
pieces and bits of old radio hits
add an original twist and make'em sound like this
word!, I make an old song dope again!
give a played out pop-star hope again!
girls wanne do me - suckers try to boo me
try to step to me - but you can't get through me
and any jealous fella call me a whimp
step in my face and i'll smack you like a pimp!
critics they don't mean jack to me
and I don't give a damn if they give slack to me
I see them on the news with their crooked reviews
hey you suckers...pork you!
not for the money or the fame or a sequel
I make the music for the god damn people!
I make the music for the white, black, russian,
german, jewish, puerto rican, portuguese, swedish,
irish, italian, indian people.....

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Music For The People


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