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Get Up, clear the way or you'll get knocked down
cuz Marky Mark is in your town
I'm takin' over pea brain so you better refreain
your stanky breath made me lef but i'm back again
droppin' straight up hip hop strictly rock nonstop
you got beef? sucker, you could get dropped!
Dorchester down and I don't play around
Marky Mark is here and it's time to get down!
There's no need to fear
Marky Mark is...
There's no need to fear
There's no need to fear
Marky Mark is...
There's no need to fear
cuz Marky Mark is here!
Marky Mark is here and I said it wit "The power"
I'm droppin' rhymes os the hour, hour, hour
but before y'all flip, save the ovation
"peace to the hip hop nation"
to the pioneers who shed tears for years
just to make something dope for your ears
I give much respect and won't never forget boy
cuz hip hop musics in full effect!
no white wash goin' i'm just shown
that an irish man can keep the rhymes flowin'
so in case you want to front I'll be blunt
I ain't takin' no junk punk so get off my chunk!
now, back to the matter at hand
the funky bunch is about to take a stand
From Dorchester mass it's a blast of class
Marky Mark is here so get off of your "@#*$"
It's like dope, when we step into the spotlight
the Funky Bunch is here so now we just might
drop a little smoething you been fiending for
schemin' and screamin' and dreamin'
cuz you ain't seen before
a bunch that as funky as this
so pay attention as I mention cuz you don't wanna miss!
Marky Mark is in the place to be
with just another dope production by Donnie D

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