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Gotta get it, got to, got to, get money
Gotta get it, got to, got to, get paid
I need money
Money is the thing that I need
To ful fil my greed
Marky Mark would like 2 say
That I'm fiending, just 2 get paid
Forget love and all that crap
I'm just tryin 2 keep my pockets fat
I need Cash in a hurry and it just aint funny
Yo... I need money!
I need some money
I need money (R2)
Well it's friday nite and I'm calling up my honey
Bitch better have my money!
Word! cuz times are hard
I lost my job, my wallet, my friends and my credit card
My brothers a millionare and he don't even share
For all he cares I could be on the welfare
I need cash in a hurry and it just aint funny
I need money
I Need money, yeah that's my situation
So right a check cuz I'm takin donations
Or handouts, It don't matter
As long As my pockets get fatter & fatter & fatter
Cuz I'm hungry for the green backs
For a dollar I'll even sell big macs
That's right cuz brother I found
That money makes the world go round
Don't care what you people say
I just wanna get Paid!
U call me greedy but u know it's true
That u want money too!
I need... u know what I need
I need... u know what I need
We all need

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