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Yo Darcelle tell em what we gonna do!
We gonna have a good time Sisters and Brothers (Brothers and Sisters) We gonna have a good time Sisters and Brothers (What we gonna do) We gonna have a good time
Brothers and Sisters let's dismiss that negative vibe and realize
we're one tribe
Come alive and come along hum along if you want to, cuz we we got
work to do
And if you want G double O-D-W-I-L-L we'll look to the future with
a plus sign
At all times, here's one for your mind intertwine wit' all man kind
cuz we all share one sunshine, one moonlight, one people, one planet
Ya gots to understand it
'Cuz we gonna have a good time Chorus
Come on and get with this mental fitness
Witness the acrobats of a rhyme on a fat track
Show a little love to a fellow man, brother word to earth the mother
Now's the time for a new day, a new way
Can't afford to be led astray
Gotta keep strivin', no jivin', no jokin' word!
Marky Mark has spoken
I've broken the silence
Stop the madness, stop the violence
Look at the man in the mirror, make a change for the better
And take it to the letter
Get on the bandwagon, no laggin' or loungin'
Hear the alarm that I'm soundin'
Upward bound's how we've got to climb
And in due time you'll find, we'll have a good time
'Cuz we gonna have a good time Chorus Keep the hands clappin' Keep the hands clappin' Keep the hands clappin' Keep the hands clappin' Ya don't stop, ya don't quit, ya don't stop, keep on
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch comin' full force
Energy flowin' positivity the source of course
I'm gettin' mine like I told ya
We as one gotta fight like soldiers
And combat all that negativity and insensativity
Give a damn about the next man
No matter the race, creed, culture or sex man!
It's all about workin' it out
No doubt time is runnin' out
Gotta take steps ahead or be left behind
Free your mind and have a good time Chorus Repeat

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