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This is how we do it from day to day
No doubt, representing in the realist way
This is how it is
Coming hot with heat
Hardcore like that
Motherfucker don't sleep
I know your feeling me
Mic's getting hot with heat,
your insincerity? makes you fall incomplete,
And I'm not discrete
See I'll tell you how it is,
Your whole damn fleet should be banned from the biz,
Now there it is,
I'll tell you blatantly,
Coz I've been waiting for y'all to leave patiently,
No hatin' me but y'all gots to go,
Leave the safe the keys them jewels and the door and be outro,
Before somebody go help you go,
Trust me son I don't recommend that yo,
But you do what you feel is right, first ask yourself is it worth another life
This rifla? has in this game of rap,
Quit that what you want I wipe you off the map,
Shit you know the deal it's just like the streets, no money your cool, but if you got it then don't sleep.
This is how we do it from day to day,
No doubt, representing in the realist way
This is how it is
We command the fleet,
Hardcore like that
Motherfucker don't sleep.....
It's on now so what's gonna happen here,
You play calm but still I know your heart pumps fear I hear some shit,
Should stick like cement,
But you stay optimistic you hope to repent,
We have consent yo it's to late for talk,
You wanna play the game you gotta walk the walk,
LA New York no matter where you at,
If your falling short then you must fall flat
Let that be that I don't wanna get involved,
Can't get attached that's how the world evolves,
It's your call either you bounce or I'm a make you,
Here's shorty with a half an ounce he gonna take you,
They takers if ever kid,
Who better than a smooth ass white kid,
Manchetter? Shit,
You know the deal it's just like the streets,
No money your cool but if you got it then don't sleep.
Now we're clear on that,
Let me show you how
I persevered through shit so I command the crowd,
It's so damn loud,
Your ears about to bust,
But I handle that coz money that's a must,
Your trust in me is for eternity ,
And my loyalty is cherished nobly,
For my family one love, cheesy rat,
Other than that ya'll ain't gettin' shit and that's that,
It's sass or nine you try to fuck with mine,
Laser sike clock nine gone bust, you out your mind?
I got tad and a tray bust be-retter to me it don't matter the wetter the better,
Shit you know it's just like to ask a git,
If it's right in the beginning I'm leaving it wet,
And I ain't getting checked out all my stash and sheets how I cause wreck and get respect from the streets

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