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She's In Love - text


Third June she said goodbye
I watched her walk into the night
The hardest thing I ever did was let her go
We swore as friends we'd stay in touch
Best of friends don't mean that much
When that phone call comes to tell you
She's in love

She's in love
She's got that fire in her eyes
She's in love
How her smile lights up the sky
It's like she's walkin' on air
She's been set free
Still I can't believe
She's in love
Strollin' down a one-way street
She's in love
You'd swear her heart has wings
She's in love
Why can't it be me

Told everyone I'm doing fine
Learned to get on with my life
I just want what's best for her
So I lied
Found a note on my door last night
Said, "I'll be your friend 'til the day I die"
But you should know I found someone
Now she's in love

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

Oh now she's in love
Why can't it be me
She's in love
She's in love
She's in love
She's in love

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