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This is not the time
To say goodbye
We grow up and
Crossing borders
We keep grateful doing
What we like
We made up our rules
And orders
This is just the time
To take the ride
We’ve found truth
In misbehaviour
Turned out what occurred
To be so blind
Into new and truthful waters
Our lifetime’s just begun –
Promise you
Our feelings can’t be wrong –
Promise you
This is not the time
To change your mind
We’re not elected, we are longers
For the great and coming
Deep surprise
Of the angels, not the stronger
– Chorus –
The tanks are gaining anti-tanks
The air is counting forces
Of guns and arms of men to die
For the great humiliation
Eternal seems the urge to use
The violent human sources
Maybe that’s our last chance
Maybe it’s misinterpretation
– Chorus –
This is just the time
To pay the price
For the ones who really
Couldn’t bother
With our freedom
We can do provide
Our fellows from old rules
And orders

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