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I thought that it was unimportant
But now we’re back to getting
Deeper into trouble
Don’t you think that this
Is getting boring

Too bad, I got enough of this
What the hell is
The trouble with it?
Calm down, we are not
Getting any further

I say sorry, you’re not
The problem of it
Sorry for kicking motions
Of you insight
I didn’t mean to tell you off

Acting should be intuitively
Fascination should be true
My intellect is just not working
I got visions of something new

I got one or two steps further
And I so much don’t want
To go to far
But these visions are becoming
The murder
Of the clearness that I had before

– Chorus –

It’s windy stormy weather
Is pulling out of me
The will to fight
And I have horribly endangered
The false security to do
Something right

The chronic justifying
Is the border between
The truth and me
No-one there for blaming
And I do so much believe

– Chorus –

I don’t need a doctor
I just need things to do
I just can’t cannot be bothered
To do what I like to

I can’t find any words to tell you
How clear it gets how much
I want you to
Believe me that I can feel you
I say sorry, you’re my belief in god
Sorry I can’t believe in love
It’s too good
You told me once I cannot say

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