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I Got A Light - text

karaoke Karaoke
I got a light inside your
Silent absence
It does shine bright until
The point that I’m collapsing
I cannot find me and still
There is this sadness
I got room to spare and time to
Share and now I’m homeless
I need a break, of myself or
For myself cannot find it
It is this rush-hour-feeling;
Nothing moves towards your spirit
Your sunny soul tries to
Light me up – but I can’t take it
‘cause I can’t get in touch with
What I am – I hate it
No-one has ever got so close to me
And no-one has like you honoured
My abilities
So please take away
This bloody blindness
That I can see what I’ve got
From an appropriate perspective
We got to keep our freedom and
I just lost it
Please come to me, come to me,
I wanna see, I wanna see
That you’re existing
– Chorus –
Rescue me
I’m falling into thoughts and
They’re taking ‘way the ecstasy
Can’t you see
That I belong to you and you
Belong to me
I got time to deal with
My funny feeling
Made up my mind for the sign of
The night – it stopped my bleeding
I clearly see your face in front
Of me believing
In what we got, we cannot lose,
We have not lost
Let’s make us winning
– Chorus –
Rescue me!
Rescue me!
Rescue me!

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