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For telling stories you might
Need adventure first
For times of glory you’ve hardly
Got to work
For getting answers you just
Gotta dare to ask
For getting over it you gotta
Face the past

For staying calm you gotta
Know how to freak out
To do it well you gotta know
What is allowed
For being quiet something
Else got to be loud
For having holidays you gotta
Know what of

Funny how really everybody
Really every object
Is suffering from gravity
And look how great we all
Can deal with
Once learned to hold the balance
Twice learned to fall asleep

For being realistic know what
Can be counted out
To emphasize you should just
Roughly know what on
For missing chances you should
Know that the time will come
For being better gotta know ‘bout
What was wrong

– Chorus –

For being gone you gotta know
When you are not
For getting absolutely high do
Keep in mind you can’t get lost
To understand do not forget
You understood
For saying you can’t do keep
In mind you actually could

For being happy you must
Know how to relax
To be optimistic doesn’t mean
You know what comes up next
For being hard you gotta know
You’re actually soft
For spinning plans you gotta
Know what of
– Chorus –

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