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Brave Confession - text

All I know is that I cannot
Know now
Guarantee is just a word
That can’t be given
All I need is just a little
you now
Honesty indeed a matter
Of definition
Honestly I just cannot believe
That you’ve been picking me
Out of these superficial
Over-styled great happenings
Around us
Sing for this great luck and
For my blue conditions
Elementary seeking for
Some patience
We’ll survive another quarter
Of an hour
Never taking anything for granted
Symbolizing we’ve got more time
Than forever
Isolated mind connection
Never mind and never mention
Would you like to maybe
Tell the truth
Or are we already there
All I know is I don’t know
To show how
Madly I’m crushed but self-
Protection’s winning
What I want is much more
you than this now
don’t believe my strategy
Has once been working
– Chorus –
What I want to know is will
You please stay long
I’d like to have this guarantee
That can’t be given
Being a coward’s just a little safer
Have you seen how many times
My plan’s been failing
Honestly don’t know if you
Agree yet
That I made yourself part of my
Non-intellectual stupid blue-eyed
Life you could have mentioned
Sing for this first love and
For my brave confession
– Chorus –

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Elementary Seeking


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