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There is no point to act
If there is no tomorrow
In a place of nothing
We are all born and raised denied of rights
Stuck in a world of easy solutions
Simplified and stripped to a frame
A blank tape for someone to play
Amongst an audience of deaf and the dull
Dressed to impress the blind
In a universe of dark stars
Words like firebombs thrown in masses
Just in time to watch the world burn
Dream bliss movement through coma
Filtered feelings and senseless acts
Injected thoughts, predictable future
Destroyed bodies come with shattered egos
Storm bent trees stripped of leaves
Waiting for a spring that never comes
Dried up roots aching for water
Useless reach for an ever setting sun
There is no reason to act
For there is no tomorrow
In a kingdom of failures
Walk through fire just to get drowned
Stand up to hear the gospel of damned
Soothing hymns for the forsaken
An observer on the deck of Mary Celeste
And weather is looking fine
Delay time to hear the attrition of minds
In the market of bad ideas
Every soul is a price taker
We are all done here, pour salt on the ground

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