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For the Heartless - text

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I have sewn my eyes shut
Ears blocked, tongue in a knot
All covered in rust
Rooted, skin bleeding dust
My breath is cold
And this heart of stone
Hands clench to a fist
As I slowly cease to exist
Wish I was blinded by fear
To see if I could shed a tear
Born forever, always reduced to dust
In the ground I becomes us
For once I wish that I could see
How to end this misery
I fall holding my ground
As black snow keeps falling down
Under a pale northern sky
Where all hope goes to die
Despair follows, surrounds, leaks from me
And fills these grounds
When our strings are cut
We all fall face down in the mud
Raised from and into a mold
Soon erased out of this world
Momentary lucid moments come to tempt
To end this bad joke
To say I matter would be a goddamn lie
But what about it?
Today I will wrap barbed wire around my head
And run into the blistering cold
With a smile on my face

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