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A Lonely Place to Die - text

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Inside our wretched maze
We are full of worms
Crawling in a mindless state
With no hope of getting out of here
Suffocated with our own dreams
Mind erased till no wisdom remains
Armies of coma march again
Our bodies are just stepping stones
On the altar of tragedy
Our thoughts are slowly removed
We sold the soul of our kin for reason long forgotten
Toivon taivaankannen repeävän yllämme
Ja että imeytyisimme ylös avaruuteen
Toivon valtamerten halkeavan edessämme
Jotta voisimme nähdä alas syvyyteen
Ymmärrätkö kun sanon
Toivon ettei tästä jäisi jäljelle murentakaan
Uskotko kun kerron
Että jokainen tässä maailmassa kuolee yksin
Under Octobers blood red sky
We tear into each other’s flesh
It comes from our backbone, cut your way through
The strong will always prevail
Dark corners are becoming crowded
Getting stampeded again
I want to pound my way out of here
But I am on my knees, again I scream
I wish the roof of the sky tears off
And I get sucked up into space
I wish the great wide sea opened up
So we could gaze down at the deep
Do you believe when I tell you
There will be nothing left of this
Can you fathom as I say
Every creature on this earth dies alone
This is a lonely place to die

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