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Mark my words, Heed my pain
Damnation calls. Crack like an avalance of thunder
I heard a distant thought bearing through the night
Of echoing shadows to come...
Send my mind in a whirl, Beyond the cosmic void
To gaze upon the specter of might...
For I give you my anger, My unbestowing hate
Eager to destroy your realms of logic
I resound my echo cry of starless purity
But nothing calls its descension...
For I am the bringer of fire
Erupting your domain
Destroyer of all dreams of logic
Blind past of centuries to come...
Unbound, vengeance of hatred, destroy...
Lurking through the darkness, nothing is sane
This is my lie... insanity bind...
For I am the one who stands alone and incandescent
Bring me fire, the sacred entity to mass
To reduce the standing purity
To ashes of centuries
Of dormant thoughts trapped in minimal minds
Trapped in vain, lost in pain...

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