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(How It's Going to) End - text


You're too tired
The fighting took long
And everyone knows
That nobody won
The rules have changed
Along the way

You took a step
Without looking back
But knowing too well
How it's going to end
You've reached the point
You can't pretend

All options compared
And claims verified
You're well-documented
When questions arise
You tend to read
Between the lines

The answer's lost
A problem's unsolved
A man goes down
When fences go up
The focus is gone
Though you've tried

The jokes you cracked
The laughter we had
Though it couldn't last
The last one came fast
I don't judge your trials
As if I was around

You don't see
The wood for the trees
It's easy to learn
But hard to believe
Believe when you're far
I will come around
I will come around

It hurts to part
When something precious is near
I don't wanna go
I don't wanna go

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