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The Fall - text


Blinding fire, light up the sky
Divine powers in battle non-stop collide

Steel axes, fall like a storm
The Gods against the Titans fight for the throne

After ten years of bloodshed
The Titans will fall
Cronus commands his legions
"Kill with power, kill 'em all"

Up in the mountains, beneath the sky
There is a land of glory and pride
Gods of Olympus, proud standing tall
Kings in their lives, warriors at war

Bright thunder, is given to Zeus
Cyclopes stand by the Gods, no way to lose

No mercy, the Titans will fail
The Gods are fighting with fury, they will prevail

In Tartarus, the Titans, fall one by one
The Golden Age is over, for another has begun


At the end of Time of Heroes
The Titans were free
Zeus gave Cronus a kingdom
Made him King of Elysian Fields


It's the end of an Era
Was marked by the Gods
It's the fall of the Titans

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