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Son of Thunder - text


King Acrisius
"There's a child that will claim my throne
And a God who'll disgrace my home
There's a woman that bears my name
Oh what a shame! There's an omen foretelling my end
Into Hades my soul will descend
If my grandson becomes a king
What will he bring?"

In the island of Serifos
A life has begun
And Perseus is now a man
Polydectes the king
Has a task for him
For his mother wants for his Queen

King Polydectes
"The head of Medusa you'll bring
And at Argos you will be king
Your name will be written in gold
As king you'll return in your grandfather's throne"

Gods gave to Perseus
Weapons of steel
For a day his fate will reveal
With the guidance of Athena
He goes to the Graiai
To find out Medusa's lair

Three old women with an eye
There are answers they cannot deny
They unveil Medusa's place
With his sword and his shield he is starting the chase

Son of a God, rage of a Titan
Cursed by a tyrant, strong as a rock
He fights for the right, not for the glory
Making a story for all mankind

Thy sword rips the air
The head is falling, Medusa is crawling
Blood runs everywhere
Pegasus rises, birth of a Titan

The winged horse he rides, up the skies

On the way back for his home
He turns the Dragon to stone
By his hand his grandfather is killed
Acrisius is dead, the omen's fulfilled

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