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Since Jesus Came (feat.Martin Svátek) - text

I was so sad
No love around
My heart was truly broken
And then You came
Out from nowhere
I haven't been the same since that day

You got my face glowin’
And I don’t care who knows it
Rivers of joy are flowin’
Ever since you came
Bands on it
So put your hands on it
We got your feet a stompin’

Since Jesus came into my life
He changed the darkness into light
Oh right, oh right

Oh happy days
Are here again
Everyday with You gets sweeter
You took my hand
Helped me understand
How to trust You all the way
What a drastic chase

I Said Front Back Side To Side,
Its A Holy Ghost Party In The House Tonight
lift Your Hands Up ya´ll be alright,
No more livin‘ in the darkness we done seen the light
say Who that Be Oh yeah
say Who That Be Oh yeah
Now as we proceed to give you what you need
say yeah yeah, yeah yeah,yeah

My life, My life, My life, He came into my life
I’m so happy yes I am, I’m so happy into my life
Since Jesus came into my life, He changed the darkness into light
Oh right, oh right

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