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Letter 7
New England 3/9 – 1896
In the presence of a young and mysterious, attractive fortune-teller I had my future laid out before me in detailed descriptions. The wind was howling outside, but I felt safe and warm – on this night her emerald eyes shone directly through me when she said: “when I put the tarot cards, I look at your desires, longings, wishes and an urge for acceptance”.
The interior of her small compartment seemed to melt into the density of the air I couldn´t help staring into those penetrating eyes. She took my hand in her own and spoke into the air. When I read in the palm of your hand, I see a spark of desire, submission, chaos and intolerance”.
I vanished in the gypsy woman´s hazel green eyes – couldn´t resist to let her have my inner self. The eroticism of it all is still a mystery to me.
She had a sad look upon her beautiful face as she whispered to me: “When I gaze in the crystall ball, I see your secret desires, greed, perfect wisdom, lust and degradation… when I look into the crystal ball”.

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