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Memories of Non Forgiveness - text

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Can't you hear their cries
Cries of dismay
Count the dead by millions
Under great endless fear
Life ending path
We are standing at the edge of the abyss
Forgotten lifes
Forsaken lifes
Genocidal constitution
Forget the scars of time
Annihilation designed
Closed circle of confusion
The stains of blood will never leave
Remained to live but
Never forgiven
Don't remember the past
No battle was won
Can't escape the destructional maze
Cell of numb despair
Cultivated end
Footstep closer to the grave
Prophets of fall
Rulers of dirt
Lead us straight into damnation
Deceived for all time
Slaves called mankind
Consumed by despair we march to nothing
Hate, rise above compassion
World disorder, tyrants watch us suffer
trapped in madness of world purgatory
Can't you feel the Armageddon's flame
Right now!

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