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Call my name, whispering to the devil
Epmtiness send me signs
Wounded flesh, snake eyes shine
Captivating hell design
Wounded flesh, snake eyes shine
Captivating hell of mine
We uniting eternal
We raising inferno
And we become immortal
As we raising inferno
Sacrifice myself – kiss the burning embers
Drink from warm cup your endless life
Demon mask, won't you crawl in
Crawl under my skin
Black is the heart, won't you crawl in
Slip the knife right in
Forever i will follow unnamed angel of night
Shine darkness
Incarnated transmigration
between your life between your death
embraced tongues with liking burning
walk in the bottomless rooms of hell
Come rip your heart, come push the dagger
Possession, wrapped in blasphemy
Summons what can't be discovered,
Divine pleasure through infernal pain
In my hell i will burn forever
As we raise

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