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In a time when man will fly
Far away to the stars where they will find
Strange kind of suns and planets shining
Lightyears to go for the answer
To see what lies beyond the stars

They're on their way
on powerfool beams traversing the sky
Ande they'll never die
Before they make their dreams come true

Crusing the eternity
To farther all those miracles
For their being
For their lives
Is there a heaven above?

What will they met
A fateful encounter of joyful times
No pain no gain
Anxious to solve the mission

Keep all your fantasies
Keep all your dreams alive
What is reality?
Inspirations of forgotten times?


Faster, farther, higher is the
Way we go since we invented the wheel
And it goes on and on and on
This is the flame that keeps us alive
Preserve the fire burning

Why we are here?
Read the answer in any stone
What's life meant to be?
Exploration for another existence?


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