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Nightmares Back Again Voices in Your Head
Your Pipe Frees Your Mind of Everything I've Said
Four Walls of Hell Back to Being Alone

Shine Your Boots and Fill Your Glass for a New Reality
Who'll Be Your Love tonight at the local festivities
Four Walls of Hell the notion cannot be wrong

While You're Living on the edge of the tracks
Your heart's in ruin and you can't get it back
Open fire with a smile kill yourself a little while
Blood is spilling while your lovers fill your desires

Turn on everyone with poison in your veins
Leave yourself vulnerable while the vultures eat your brains
They come with a loving smile and the bite of 49 snakes

Nightmares back again voices in your bed
You start to free your mind when the paranoia sets in
Four walls of hell this notion cannot be wrong

It's a flesh filled carnival playing field for animals
Where you don't have to care anymore
'till the morning sheds it's light and the fire that once burned so bright
Has burned out and slammed the door

Text přidal DevilDan

Blood Lush

Anders Manga texty

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