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Bloodletting On The Kiss - text


Lead me to our only place
Dressed for opening time
Show me bleeding where
My love burns you, breathing fire

The funeral is waking now
From the summer's kiss
Damn the Heavens for your roses
Are growing wilder now

Empty all your pockets now, the Show is opening soon...
The crowd is roaring and their fists are thrown up in the air...
Lay down woman don't be scared, the murderer you face...
Is tired of living... but only kills
The living that time hates

Bloodletting on the naked kiss...

Credits speak a thousand words but are rarely read...
Your dress flows black velvet when it's, it's dropping to it's death
Your head speaks vulgarities, on your dying breath
Left your tranquility for those who know you best

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

Left Of An All-Time Low

Anders Manga texty

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