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To the Wolves - text


I'm fighting hard for life,
oh my kin, my friend.
Cast away the blade of haunted times,
take the path to light.
So this is, this is the world
of our fathers' making.
Good intentions now refused,
now refused.

This is not what I foresaw,
all my life unravelling
in tragedies and tombs.
This is not what I foresaw,
all my love irradiating
like an open wound.

Hold my ever aching limbs,
wandering in death.
Arise and we'll walk the path of gods,
so tonight let's cut the rope that hangs your ghost.

Oh, we've got a crisis
on our bloody hands,
but this is what we want
and with a haunted love comes sacrifice.
Looks like we've got a crisis,
slipping through like shaking sand,
this is the night we lie
awake embraced in lovers' hands.

Cast across the land.

So this is love, for the first and last.
Oh, the death marked dream
becomes the real.

Oh God, I wish
this night would go on like this forever.
These hands have seen love a thousand times,
but never like this, never like this.
All I've ever seen
the darkest days and the lightest dreams,
fade away tonight.

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