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Take the sight of the dawn for all the sky it shines
Unveiling of another day upon my weary eyes
We’ll hunt ‘til the falling of night,
So long as spear is sharp and antlers break within my bite

Fall to the ancient floor, and sleep forever more
Follow the sun before were fighting for a way back

What is this light? Will we make it back alive?
A pale disguise of evil circles us in sacred doors

Follow the pine, pay no attention to the spirits of the night
Follow the pine, pay no attention to the ghost that follows
Every time I walk amoungst the smoke left breathing iron lung
Remember what your father said of a haunted way and animus
That dances on the wreathes of the dead

Fall of day brings the strangest of sights to my wandering eyes
Save this life in the hands of this nightmare we’ll keep up the fight

Speak to the phantom all around us
To the mass of all the moonless shade alive
Oh the phantom he will keep us down
Until the skeleton is broken, bare and dry within the pine

We are just lost and young, in love
We never meant to see a sleeping curse come back to life
We are so lost and young in love
But we’ll never let you take this life for the sake of night
We’ll fight fading light

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