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Take me down into the arms of every word i've found
calling out to me amid the strangers, unraveling a tapestry
in my dreaming, in the throws of greed, in the lies that i would believe

for the way we sell our valor short, keeps us down
falling through the ever fading floor

i can see what the mirror reflects in this ever lasting light
every love i've seen, in this waking dream
will forever outshine all the suffering,
the goddess comes to me, she is answering in this harmony
lust for blood and gold; they will never bring you hope

pray at the temple for stars at night
offering sorrow for vaticide, if we're alive at the break of day
give all your love for the sacrifice

there is nothing sacred in that ornament worn in the dusk
it is deep inside, your heart and mine
the chance for a life in the golden tides

the streets ran ablaze, this is to be the ruin of kings
vows of a covenant spoken in time
and they all fall flat on their own irrelevant tales of woe
with all the cryptic words you trust to keep us sanctimonious

i'll return to tell what i have seen
free in faith and love we will forever be
the moment i saw the sun it was deep in her eyes
and the crown was on fire
i will never look back again to the time
of a lore in the hands of a saviour calling in the
calling in the
calling in the night

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