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Did you cross the earth to be silent among the castle walls?
In Bedlam we surrendered to devious offerings
A long and bitter haunt, by the callous words of gods
And the song of the dead sun

The future told from cursed hands, alive and breathing in the desert sand
While jaded bones of blackened marrow, take the wind and the snow
Dying, yet trying to hold a place on the earth
With their sights in heaven, never ending fall

All the while they were living in the dawning of a sacred sky
The tides that flow inside us all
We were drowning, cast in iron, at the mercy of the under-toe
Oooh oh oh oh Oh ooh

Oh they say the wounds have taken all the life from you
We held them back ‘til night, our shields were all but shattered
In shallow ties they were talking death and glory
For the sake of all our mournful lives
If all our holy eyes can see is all that we believe
Let the memories ignite

Find a way to cast off the iron and break from the gauntlet of night
The spirit’s alive (tonight, tonight)
The spirit’s alive (tonight, tonight)

All around us the spirits are singing, the voices beckoning
To the heartbeat inside of us all that’s telling us were meant to be

The fear unfolds within our bones
The path we take will lead us to a world unknown
The fear unfolds within our bones
But we can make it out alive, if we can see beyond the shore
We’ll make these caverns shake like thunderstorms
And watch the world awake this dawn

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