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Take us into vision of the altar
Never will we see the stars again
Ruin of the ever-sinking circle,
Keeping me above the barren land

Holding iron hands of love,
They'll never let me go,
They will never unfold.

In the way that we wander
Through the promise you told her
In the sleeping stone
That keeps your secrets gold
In the desert of blessed soil
Where you sang for Goliath to fall
Ever faster and save us all

Black mass
They were taking you under
I couldn't do a thing
No life at the foot of the altar
No love that's left to breathe a live in me
Let me know you will survive
To the end of all you have ever known
And the last time we will ever speak her name again

Holy wrath rising above the world
Oh, the mountains gonna drown

Come back to me tonight
I can feel your heart in a midnight summoning
Open up your eyes
And fight your way back to the earth
The moment I saw the crown in the eyes of the moon
How it blossomed and then I knew
We were all as good as dead

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Coral Throne

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