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Fall at the feet of the world
I’ve never seen such a wretch upon the shore
Fortunes of a silent discord
In the wake of a dream, like a lifetime before
For the day that the demons would knock down our door

The winds singing like a phantom song
Goddess in the sky, she walks the rivers of the land
Along the mountain’s spine. They carve these caverns
In the name of iron swords, and golden stone

The arrow flies in darkest night
And it tears away the moonlight from her eyes

Tonight we will not turn away from the devil in the trees
In his dead and hollow gaze, I see the end
To a dream of holy fire, in the sky the smoke will rise
Ever to the heavens heights

Born to a black crown and coral bones,
Cast to a white throne adorned in gold and oak

In fading skies, follow the wind and fall ever into afterlife

(Drifting) in the dead of night (upon a shaded river)
The mist rises, (haunted) the spectral sight
(by haunted eyes along the fern) beware their wolfish bite
(the fang in flesh) life daggers cut (the vulturous)
These hearts have fallen to the dirt forever more

We conjure sorrow with a devilish design
Confessing with a silver tongue to inhumation so divine
And though the time may come our fortress falls to fire
The royalty blood blessed at dusk will never die

Hear us now, pray this dawn brings light
No life will be sewn in tomorrows sight
For the goddess of the sky
Oh lord, in the fares of Faustian deeds
On a path that winds through the wild
To a house of rose and devils dreams

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