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Haunted Vows - text


Look to the moon, the
tears in his eyes seem to say that our time's coming soon.
What a tragic end
to a story that barely began.
We will burn it down,
burn the fortress that stands in our way.
We will burn it down,
take the oldest of wars to the grave.

What cruel fate forged death and love?
We didn't ask for the blood,
but this is the battle we chose.
The morning light arose through the trees,
in my harrowed dreams.
See this through, a never ending scene.

Take heart and seize the day,
this is the life you're born to lead.
Speak now a wishful vow, irradiate the sea.
In the waves, I will wait.
You don't have to drift away.
I'll bring you back, I'll bring you back,
from midnight hands we will escape.

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