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Now that you’re home, you know I want to be with you
Wherever you roam, I need you and you need me too
No matter how far, I’m saying your name every day and finding out that this place is now just like a dream I had
Let it go back to the way it was again, I’m gluing up the paper scraps so they once again spell out the name of the place I’m in- with you
Find a way back to the place we were before, I’m thinking that it’s just so dumb to keep living like the whole world owes us something more – we do
Now that you’re home, I think that I should be with you but still I feel alone
I really think you need me too no matter how far
I’m saying your name all the time
I’m finding out this place is now just like a dream of mine
I’ve been on the run and now it seems like all the happiness is gone – you made it go away
You’ve been on the run, do you feel more than human on the run?
Why’d you make it go away?

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