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Get it together
get a grip
take a breath
every time I leave I won't be as bad as the next
feeling sick in the chest
don't know where I'm going and it couldn't mean less
have a smoke take a walk
nothing's gonna work out as easy as you thought
and it must be my fault
sometimes when I'm drinking I spit when I talk
Forget everything that you were about to say
shut your pretty mouth and lets just go away together.
and I'll love you like I do
and nothing will get hold of you
shut your pretty mouth and lets just go away together
try to remember
you were sick don't forget
no one by your side but I still never left
It's as bad as it gets
you think it sucks
well you'd never guess
it hurts when I walk, tried to run home it was never a thought
and it must be my fault
something else is always on my mind when I talk
and you need not be reminded
when I first showed up you were so excited
I see we're falling behind but I just followed you here.

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