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Damaged Control - text


If you hate me why'd you come here baby?
Guess that's something that I'll never know
If I'm so bad why you still here, honey?
Ain't there somewhere better off to go?

Cause I had a bad dream that this went on forever
And I wept til I was old and grey
I try so hard and it doesn't get better
And I'm running out of things to say

I don't know why you stay
You're the one with the problem every day
And it's safe to say
You need to make your mind
Or just go you own way

If you choose the right words then the girl, she stays

If you love me why you see less of me
Why do my words put you off so much?
You say I'm cocky and you ain't happy you got me
And you think that I am losing touch
Sometimes all morning you will call me really boring
And say that we have nothing to do
Wish you were happy and weren't always mad at me
Cause I like spending my time with you

I don't know why I stay
Your distaste for me seems to grow everyday
Pick a fight, run away
And hopefully I'll put you in your place

If you choose the right words then the girl, she stays
You've got a problem when I leave
A problem when I get back
If you don't like my songs I'm afraid of how you'll react

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