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I regret to inform you
The time we have is almost through
It seems to me your only true conviction
Is planting your seeds of mistrust
There is no way you can't ry
To justify
The way you're living your life is a fucking lie
And I won't be any part of it
Stop trying to involve me in your schemes
Cause' it's the price you pay
For living life this way
You'll die alone
A broken man on a splintered throne
Killing is the only thing you know
You breed pain and suffering
Become the man that you despise
You and me will go round after round
So take your head out of your ass
Or you will be out on the ground
You weren't the first but you will be the last
Take it from me your time a came and past
Defend your lies alone
Deceit's something you condone
You better have the balls to back it up
You are the poster boy for self destruction
The masses flock to see the invalid
Stretched out before their eyes
There is no way for them to say
That I am wrong
Let fate decide
Right. There is no use in running
Now. You're gonna burn for this
We. Are gonna watch you die
And end it all right now
Waste away

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