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Peace was never an option
Feels like you've won the fight
But lost the fucking war
Inbred degenerate
You don't know what you're fighting for
All that you see is what you've been taught to see
I'll be damned if I expose myself to this disease
It's not a game that they play
It's a history of bloodshed
A violent masquerade
I've been witness to both sides of their hate
Two wrongs don't make a right
When you're planning out your children's fate
You hold no validity
You are shaped by your elder's flaws
Never question their authority
Just shut your mouth and die for their cause
That serves no purpose anymore
The past stays dead
It's the future we should be fighting for
For the ones who died
Why can't we let the hate go?
And bridge this divide
Why don't you open your eyes?
This is destroying your life
Here they stand
Divided by God
A past drenched in blood
Lives on after you're gone
Poison the seed
Spoil the earth
All in the name of your God
Spawn. Hate. Die
The cycle of decline
Take a stand for the very first time

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Peace Was Never An Option


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