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Cutting at my own flesh
So I can bleed my hatred on to you
An acidic bath of torture for our sins
I am intense in your suffering
Loathing more in your pitiful state
Fear me
For I am your God
I have no control
Rabid I detest
In the insalubrious
Is no option in this pit
Just want to bleed you dry
Choke the life from you
I hate for you all
Obliteration mother Earth
My obscene sweet dream
Of beautiful horror
A dead race
The only solution
To my endless licentious desire
Fear me
For I am your God
I have no control
Rabid I detest
Until the time of the almighty end
I will hunt the prey
Stem the disease
Right the wrong
I am a master of my art
Willing to self-sacrifice
For one slice of you
Welcome to the world of sanity
One day we will see
The hate we have for one another
Disgusted by all I see
Let it seep into your insane existence
Reach out for God's hand
You are denied
Choke on your words to my delight
What the fuck were you thinking
I hate everything
Scum killer

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