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1000 Promises of Pain - text

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Look back and you will see
An endless reign
Focus on all that's real
They distort the truth to
Keep us blind
Invest and you will be saved
Every dollar spent
Gets you closer to the gates
And everything will be just fine
Your faith a plague in my eyes
I am the doubt
That thorn in your side
Perverted values, your narrow minded fascist scriptures
Our right to question is what makes us human
Doubting, you can't stop
Doubting, behold the greatest hoax
A cancer
Your faith a plague in my eyes
I am the doubt
That thorn in your side
Destroy the teachings of Christ
In me I trust with my eyes open wide
A thousand promises of pain
I am not a slave
Like the sheep that follow you
I don't need your false Messiah
You're a fool if
You think that He's there for you
Preying on weak minds
Lambs led to the slaughter
Pedophiles in the Vatican
Take the payoff
Keep your mouth shut
Tell me how can I
Take the hand of Christ
Knowing what I know
Burn the bastard
A thousand promises of pain
Where was He when you needed Him?
An empty promise
Burns right through you
Take the Bible, fucking rip it up
Tear it up
A dead religion built on fear and greed
It must stop
No second coming
Fuck your God

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