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Devoid of the human touch all hail the voyeurist
Cocooned inside your tombs you are living out twisted fantasies
Everything is for sale for twenty bucks a month
Reserve your seat in hell voyeuristic
Blood drunk sadist exhibitionist

It is a breeding ground for perversity
It is abuse of power in every way
Exit human embracing the demon
This whole situation is sick
Out of control and on the brink
Anti-social network a meeting place for the freaks to play
Anti-social network welcome to the end of days

Everything you want is at the touch of a key
As long as you do not mind
Letting your conscience slide you will see
Things that would defy all rationality
And once you have seen them you will never be set free

Twisted and broken inside nowhere for anyone to hide
Suspended in darkness the camera your only witness
This is real this is sick infect the soul the misery it will inflict
This reign is complete this is not a warning it is a global emergency
We would rather trade reality in for this morbid dream
An open invitation to hide your true identity
No one can save us now it is reach expanding infinately

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