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Will we ever find the one that we were meant to love like
We want to be loved?
Take this flight into the sun.
Or did they die in a dry hump fire years before we were born?
When all the hogs devoured the dogs like lightening after the storm.
And her lips were wet, like a rose with summer sweat
And when our eyes met, I knew I was dead.
Tiptoes on cobblestones in glass stilettos, it breaks my knees when she
Hides her nosebleeds in my dreams as I sleep.
And I know I'll never be the man that she thinks she really needs
But it don't stop me from trying to be,
And I scream (I scream).
Oh goddamn you, miette, goddamn.
I let down my guard and you lifted this heart so now it can break again.
Oh goddamn you, miette, goddamn.
I let down my guard and there goes my heart straight out the window again.
God bless

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